The concentration is on improving the effectiveness of an organizations tactics in their marketing efforts. The flagship product is direct response marketing campaigns aimed at targeting specific prospects with highly relevant messaging and offers. Other elements include marketing technologies such as research / list acquisition / data analysis, both electronic and printed on-demand (customer-initiated)
communication and event (trade show / product launch) and project coordination.

Ideal for organizations that:

  • Have difficulty with complex project management projects in marketing
  • Are interested in consolidating vendors and/or buying power
  • Have noticed increased revenue “leaks”
  • Are experiencing insufficient lead generation, foot traffic and/or
    response rates
Flagship: Direct Response Marketing (DRM) Programs

Allied Marketing Communications is dedicated to developing Direct Response Marketing programs that help our clients ATTRACT new business. Whether your most valuable asset is a customer, a student, a patient or a member, successful Direct Response Marketing must include the following: A Good List, Relevance to Recipient, Multiple hits / Frequency, Perfect Timing Unique Messaging & Design, A Compelling Offer.

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Effective Research ensures the systematic gathering, recording, and analyzing of data about problems relating to the marketing of products and services. If you ever find yourself saying “I think”, or cannot remember the last time you actually reached out to an existing customer or took a long, hard look at your competition, you just might be surprised at what you find out. Customer Satisfaction, Customer Buying Decision, Market Research, Competitive Research, New Opportunities.

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List Procurement

Allied Marketing Communications is dedicated to offering thoughtful, innovative and creative strategies to increase response. We listen, research and recommend only the very best target audiences that have the highest propensity to respond. Through our strategic partners, we offer: List Compilation, List Brokering, List Management, Data Processing, BtoB & BtoC Databases, 97% Deliverability.

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Data Appending, Analysis & Reporting

All Successful Marketing Campaigns start with the analysis of data. It’s just a question of whether or not that data is readily available, or if some form of research or further appending needs to take place to get it. Once in-hand, strategic direction, tactics, expectations, goals and concrete next steps can be established and implemented. Take Away the Guesswork, Derived from Your
Provided Database, Better Targeting, Simple Reporting, Logical/Educated Recommendations.

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1:1 Communication

Call it what you will, the idea behind one-to-one marketing or “personalization” is simple: try to make a unique product offering to each individual customer! The idea represents a shift in thinking... you must begin to manage and differentiate your customers and prospects rather than your products and services. To have the best success with a one-to-one marketing program, you must: Identify Prospects, Determine Needs, Calculate Lifetime Value, Gather/Interact/Learn, Customize & Tailor.

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Corporate Identity

An integral part of Marketing, Corporate Identity is basically the personality of the company...both visually, and culturally. Visually, it includes your logo, communication collateral, advertising, public relations, as well as your building and employee uniforms. Make the right impression with: A Good Logo, Positioning Statement, Style Guidelines, Corporate Messaging, Consistency, Ownership.

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Event/Project Coordination

At The Allied Group, we continually look for ways to improve and impact the experience your prospect or customer has with your brand. It doesn’t get any better than through one-on-one interaction. Emotionally-generated feelings influence customers’ much more than rationally-derived thought. The benefits of event marketing are: Effective CPL, Self-Selected Interest, One-on-One Interaction, Emotional Connection, Brand Enhancement, Value Building, Viral Reach.

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