Partnerships typically begin with a formal assessment process that helps evaluate the strategic elements of an organization’s marketing efforts. Short or longer-term “consult-to-action” retainer relationships often develop. The flagship product is a detailed communication plan aimed at improving the attracting, acquiring and
retaining of customers. Other services can include CRM / demand generation, search engine optimization, event management and PR.

Ideal for organizations that:

  • Need an outsourced marketing partner or an “extension” of
    their internal department
  • Are experiencing a significant drop in sales revenue or are not
    achieving revenue goals
  • Need to reevaluate their strategy in terms of who to market to and why
  • Are challenged by rapid growth and/or a change in mission
Flagship: Demand & Lead Generation Programs

Before you can convert any prospective buyers into customers, you must first get them interested in what value you may bring to them. The key is to identify the most likely prospects and then educate and qualify them before deploying more expensive sales resources. To accomplish that you must: Identify Ideal Targets, Understand Why They Would Buy, Get & Keep Attention Communicate Value, Create Relevant & Timely Messaging, Offer Something Compelling.

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tools

How do you quantify, analyze and improve the value of each customer? Making customer facing processes like marketing, sales, and customer service more efficient and ultimately more productive is the essence of an effective Allied Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution. CRM technology broadens all customer “touch-points,” connecting the individual marketer, salesperson, or customer service representative to the customer and into a broad information gathering and dissemination mechanism within the company. Used effectively, CRM will enable you to enter new markets efficiently, build customer loyalty and build customer value over time. Additional benefits of Allied CRM through third-party partners include: Increased Sales Success Efficient, Consistent Customer Service, Powerful Integration, Work from Outlook, Share Information, Easy-to-Use, Custom and Scalable, Informed, Agile Decision Making

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The Allied Group has partnered with a National Online Marketing Firm to offer a program that far surpasses other traditional search engine optimization programs by greatly enhancing targeting, optimization, marketing, link building, and reporting capabilities for websites. And because we provide for more robust monitoring of a website, more recommendations can be made to ensure your website is more efficient, productive, and cost-effective.

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Public Relations

Whether you’re brand new or an established company, launching a new product or service or highlighting the benefits of an existing one, PR can help you spread the word to your key target audiences and, ultimately, affect sales. At The Allied Group, we work with companies to help them develop and implement highly effective public relations programs and make sure they are integrated into their overall marketing mix.

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Event/Project Management

At The Allied Group, we continually look for ways to improve and impact the experience your prospect or customer has with your brand. It doesn’t get any better than through one-on-one interaction. Emotionally-generated feelings influence customers’ much more than rationally-derived thought. The benefits of event marketing are: Effective CPL, Self-Selected Interest, One-on-One Interaction, Emotional Connection, Brand Enhancement, Value Building, Viral Reach

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