Who is The Allied Group?

The Allied Group is a leading provider of both high impact Marketing Communications programs and sophisticated Fulfillment Services.

On the marketing side, we work with clients to identify the correct strategies, tactics and messages that will help them attract, acquire and retain more of the right customers. We provide in-house services that range from basic building blocks such as creative/graphic design, website development, promotional products and commercial printing through personalized direct response marketing campaigns up to formal marketing assessments and customized marketing and sales process communication plans. Trade shows, special events and corporate identity are other areas that we regularly assist with.

By creating, producing and delivering more relevant and timely messages,
we are able to positively impact our client’s top-line.

Our 125,000 square foot fulfillment center houses over 15,000 unique SKU’s for over 100 different clients. By assisting with the more efficient movement of materials of all kinds through our supply-chain management programs, we are able to help clients contain, reduce and remove costs operationally. We are able to provide turn-key solutions in either a B-to-B or B-to-C environment, including lot and expiration date control, to assist with the procurement, warehousing, assembly, packaging, kitting, distribution, tracking, and inspection of products, samples and literature. In addition, we possess a full mail center that handles any data-to-print and mail needs from invoicing and high integrity/confidential communications to specialized transpromotional projects.

By storing, assembling and distributing all manner of goods more efficiently,
we are able to positively impact our client’s bottom-line.

Allied employs over 150 people and operates 3 manufacturing facilities.
Using a combination of our internal marketing communications group, IT staff,
production capabilities and expertise in business process outsourcing,
we are able to create custom applications and programs that fit our client’s
unique requirements and enhance their performance.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be our client’s most valuable resource and partner with them in two key areas; in assisting with the attracting, acquiring and retaining of more customers in the marketing area and the containing, reducing and removing of costs in the operational / supply side of their organizations. We expect to positively and significantly impact both the top and bottom lines for our clients.

Our goal is to build long-term, value-added relationships with our customers based on trust, reliability, and integrity. A partner who continually contributes to your mission critical organizational and fiscal initiatives.

Internally, we aim to create a company where creativity, loyalty, and hard work are all encouraged and rewarded. Our success is based upon maintaining an organization of individuals passionately committed to servicing the customer. We will provide excellent career opportunities to all associates while balancing our responsibilities to the community at large.

Partner vs. Vendor

For over 30 years, Allied has had a “one-stop shopping” business model. This allows our clients to enjoy better project coordination, higher quality control, vendor consolidation and more services “under one roof”. Most managers and executives today recognize the value of placing critical projects in the hands of an experienced partner rather than a combination of low priced vendors.

Marketing and Sales: Many executives are frustrated that they cannot consistently attract, acquire, and retain more of the right customers for their business. They are responsible for improving results, but find it difficult to deliver qualified prospects and achieve acceptable revenue targets. The Allied Group can solve this problem with marketing and sales strategy that is proven to work.

Project Coordination: Under staffed managers are often stressed with short deadlines and a long supply chain made up of multiple vendors. Too many important projects end up getting done incompletely and/or late, wrong, or not at all. Other associates are pulled off their regular jobs in an attempt to catch up. Let the experts at The Allied Group work with you to ensure your projects are managed to their maximum proficiency.

Event Management: Trade shows, educational seminars, job fairs, company outings, and fundraisers require careful planning and precise execution in order to be successful. Overwhelmed planners regularly don’t have the proper resources to guarantee a good result. Take hold of your event content and message while leaving the obligatory work to us.

Warehousing and Distribution: In today’s fast paced business environment, many company's biggest challenges are that of logistics. Keeping track of inventory levels and making sure parts, supplies, samples, and literature move effectively is often essential for overall success. The Allied Group has the space and the means to automate this for you.

Workflow Processing: Technology is accelerating at a pace that leaves many operations managers unable to “keep up”. Costs can spiral out of control with inefficient and out-dated document systems. Most organizations could use better on-line, on-demand, just-in-time, digital workflow, and effective out-sourced solutions that save time and money.

Printing, Mailing and Promotional Products: Many organizations still receive substandard value when it comes to collateral printing, basic mailings, and advertising products. Quality and service levels can be too low and the costs can be too high. Many companies find high value by combining orders with one supplier to take advantage of bulk discounting and easy access to quality service. This is what The Allied Group is ready to do for you.

Who's a good fit?

  • Any organization that prefers strategic partners over simple suppliers
  • Any organization that is ready for a go-to-market strategy, but is not ready to hire an entire marketing department
  • Fast growing companies eager to better utilize technology and capitalize on opportunities
  • Healthcare organizations concerned with JAHCO and HIPPA regulations and confidentiality in their communications
  • Companies with large sales forces where speed, consistency and efficiency in communication is critical to success
  • Marketing Departments looking for greater ROI by exploring personalized, one-to-one customer communication strategies
  • Non-profit and fund development professionals needing to increase the number of contributors and/or the amount of giving
  • Higher Education Institutions who are looking to be more competitive in securing the best students
  • Any company with warehousing, inventory management, operational and distribution challenges
  • Businesses with large print management requirements
  • Organizations needing to out-source non core competency workflow processing, mailing and fulfillment programs

How do I contact The Allied Group?


25 Amflex Drive
Cranston, RI 02921

Sales Office
30 Martin Street
Suite 2C1
Cumberland, RI 02864

Fulfillment Center
30 Martin Street
Cumberland, RI 02864

Key Contacts:

Brian Butler, Vice President of Sales and Marketing x3132
Kevin Riley, General Sales Manager x3242










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