Marketing Communications: Marketing Support

Allied helps Finance and Insurance focused companies put together the “building blocks” of their marketing programs including customized literature fulfillment, creative/graphic design/pre-press services, commercial printing including marketing and sales collateral, website design and development, and promotional products.

Client: Gencorp

Project: Capabilities brochure

Marketing Communications: Business Development

Allied works with Finance and Insurance focused companies to make sure that the tactics they use to implement their marketing efforts are effective. Allied is particularly adept at working with companies on their direct response marketing campaigns aimed at targeting specific prospects with highly relevant messaging and offers. In working on a campaign, Allied will often help clients with their research, list acquisition and data analysis; electronic and printed on-demand communication; as well as event and project coordination.

Client: Amica

Project: Direct response marketing program

Marketing Communications: Consult-to-Action

Partnerships typically begin with a formal assessment process that helps evaluate the strategic elements of an organization’s marketing efforts and, as a result, short or longer-term “consult-to-action” retainer relationships often develop. Allied works closely with Finance and Insurance focused companies to develop a detailed communication plan aimed at improving how they attract, acquire and retain customers. Other services can include CRM / demand generation, search engine optimization, event management and PR.

Client: Travelers

Project: Demand and lead generation program

Fulfillment Services: Print Management

Allied is able to assist with the effective management of all printed documents within an organization. This traditionally includes the production, storage and distribution of documents using just-in-time ordering principals, in small units of measure, combining on-line inventory and ordering methods, and can include web-to-print services.

Client: Bank RI

Project: Forms, labels, warehouse, distribute

Fulfillment Services: Data-to-Print & Mail

Allied takes on projects which range from high confidentiality mailings such as medical or benefits information and sophisticated trans-promotional pieces to outsourced invoice and statement rendering through daily mail and direct marketing campaigns. The Allied process includes 6 steps: data transfer, data processing, document formatting, variable printing, insertion and mailing.

Client: Concord Group

Project: Invoice and statement rendering; renewals and cancellations

Fulfillment Services: 3rd Party Logistics

Programs often begin with a formal logistics assessment. The prime service is an integrated supply-chain management approach to ensure more efficient movement of materials in and out of an organization including: procurement, warehousing, packaging, assembly, kitting, distribution, returns management, quality inspections and tracking with the ultimate goal of improving inventory visibility and velocity. May include raw materials, work-in-process inventory or finished goods including literature, samples and products that can satisfy either B-to-B or B-to-C requirements.

Client: Multiplan

Project: Provider enrollment kits

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