Projects range from high confidentiality mailings such as medical or benefits
information and sophisticated transpromotional pieces to outsourced invoice and statement rendering through daily mail and direct marketing campaigns. The
process includes 6 steps: data transfer, data processing, document formatting,
variable printing, insertion and mailing.

Ideal for organizations that:

  • Want to outsource non-core competency functions
  • Are looking for increased marketing messaging opportunities
  • Have experienced quality issues with sensitive information
  • Need to get billing information to customers faster and more accurately
Flagship: High-Integrity Communication Programs

A unique segment of the business processing outsource industry is the coordination of print and mail projects that include a data element. Operationally, many organizations suffer when critical information such as statements, invoices or benefit statements go out late. Even more troublesome is when highly confidential information goes out wrong or not to the person to whom it was intended. Serious problems can result. Our programs includes: Data Transfer, Data Processing, Document Formatting, Variable Printing, Insertion and/or Packaging, Mailing and Distribution Services.

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Transpromotional Communication

Transpromotional Communication describes a type of document or corporate communication strategy that delivers transactional information and promotional marketing messages. By adding relevant messages to transactional documents (statements, invoices, notifications etc...), companies can strengthen relationships and increase revenue. Organizations utilizing transpromotional communication typically see the following results*:36% increase in response rates, 24.5% increase in the value of an order, 47.6% increase in retention, 31.6% increase in revenue/profit, 33.9% increase in response time

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Confidential Communication

The words employee benefits annual enrollment and invoice and statement rendering can strike fear in the hearts of CEO’s, CFO’s, HR managers, and purchasing managers. Not only are these processes high-profile, they can be time-intensive and hands-on. For HR managers, who dedicate an estimated 25 to 30 percent of their time to managing employee benefits, a delicate balance exists between protecting
their organizations’ bottom line and maintaining employee satisfaction.

At The Allied Group, we’ve built our reputation on implementing exceptional, high-quality Confidential Communication programs. We combine creativity, technology and operational capability to ensure the right information ends up in the right person’s hands...with no mistakes.

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